Friday, June 30, 2023

LH2 Era™ Liquid Hydrogen Weekly News Summary (2023-Jun-30)

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

LH2 Era™ Library, Workshops, and Courses

LH2 Era™ Library

LH2 Era™ library has been launched to provide videos, slides, and other materials. Library content comes from webinar sessions, workshops, courses, and other sources relevant to the topic of liquid hydrogen (LH2) systems.

The new library uses the Vimeo platform for content delivery on a wide range of devices. Fifteen bonus videos from a NASA workshop on cryogenic fluid management are currently being included under the subscription option. Check it out HERE.

Workshops and Courses

Several public workshops and courses on LH2 are being offered in conjunction with various upcoming conferences. Details on the venue, duration, topics, and registration can be found HERE.

Workshops customized to your organization's needs and delivered remotely are also available. Various durations from two to eight hours are currently being offered as a promotion for sponsoring the webinar series. For more information, visit HERE.

Free Content

The monthly LH2 Era™ webinar series can still be viewed at no cost during one of the live broadcasts. Details and a link to register for free are available HERE.

Short video previews of all the slides from each webinar session are also accessible at no cost. These are hosted on the YouTube platform along with a collection of other free LH2 related videos on the topics of hydrogen myths, systems development, safety, energy storage, and more. Browse some of the free material HERE.

  • Matt Moran is the Managing Member at Moran Innovation LLC, and previous Managing Partner at Isotherm Energy. He's been developing power and propulsion systems for more than 40 years; and break-through liquid, slush, and gaseous hydrogen systems since the mid-1980s. Matt was also the Sector Manager for Energy & Materials in his last position at NASA where he worked for 31 years. He's been a co-founder in seven technology startups; and provided R&D and engineering support to many organizations. Matt has three patents and more than 50 publications including the Cryogenic Fluid Management series. He also leads the monthly LH2 Era™ Webinar.

Friday, June 23, 2023

LH2 Era™ Liquid Hydrogen Weekly News Summary (2023-Jun-23)

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LH2 Era™ Liquid Hydrogen Weekly News Summary (2023-Jun-16)