Sunday, May 21, 2023

Upcoming LH2 Workshops, Courses, Interviews, and Webinars

There are a number of upcoming liquid hydrogen (LH2) events I'll be involved in over the next several months. Here is a rundown for those who may be interested in watching or participating.

ThinkTech Hawaii Interview: Hydrogen Myths vs Facts

Mitch Ewan, Hydrogen Program Manager at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI), will be interviewing me for this online broadcast. Common myths about hydrogen will be dispelled with facts on the topics of safety, readiness level, leaks, materials, green hydrogen, energy storage, and system losses. The livestream will be on May 25, 2023 at 4pm - 5pm HST at:

For those who aren't able to watch the broadcast live, the video is available here: This is my second interview with Mitch and ThinkTech Hawaii. A recording of the first interview from 2019 can be found here:

Cryogenic Engineering Conference

This conference is being held July 9-13, 2023 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. I may be chairing a session, but mostly going to hear about the latest cryogenic advancements and connect with colleagues. Historically, some of the published papers from this annual conference become seminal references in the field. The conference website is here:

A description of the conference: "The Cryogenic Engineering Conference (CEC) focuses on the science and engineering required for cryogenic applications. Examples of topics in past conferences include liquefied gases for fuels, space applications of cryogenic liquids, cooling and performance of superconducting magnet systems in medical, transportation, power, and basic research applications, as well as the systems, machinery, control technology and thermodynamics required to produce low temperatures."

Energy & Mobility Conference & Expo

This conference is being held Sep 12-15, 2023 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I'm teaching a full day workshop on liquid hydrogen systems at this event with my colleague Wesley Johnson of NASA. Information and registration for the workshop can be found here:

A description of the conference: "...a multi-industry international conference focused on energy and modern mobility, with an emphasis on advanced technologies, the challenges of systems integration, autonomy, and related product value chains and business models. All are critical factors enabling the transition to a robust, decentralized and resilient energy sector, the security of our critical infrastructure, and the evolution of mobility via advanced controls and alternative fuels, including Hydrogen, towards energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions."

Flying HY ("The World's Largest Hydrogen Aviation Event")

This event is being held October 10-11, 2023 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA. I'll be teaching a half day hydrogen aviation course along with Danielle McLean, Founder & CEO of HYSKY. More information can be found here:

Danielle and I are also tentatively planning to teach a full day version of the course at the Transformative Vertical Flight meeting February 6–8, 2024 in Santa Clara, California, USA. More details will be coming later this year. The meeting website is:

LH2 Era™ Monthly Webinar Series

This online global webinar series focused on liquid hydrogen systems (and broadcast on the first Thursday of every month) continues with a zero boil-off case study session on June 1, 2023. The following month's session on July 6, 2023 will address the topic of liquid hydrogen integrated into grid, microgrid, and other multi-function architectures and system of systems applications.

The guest speakers for these next two sessions will be Norbert Palenstijn of Leybold USA Inc; and Dr. Ngalula Sandrine Mubenga, Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo, and Founder & President of STEM DRC Initiative. More information and free registration for this webinar series can be found at:

  • Matt Moran is the Managing Member at Moran Innovation LLC, and previous Managing Partner at Isotherm Energy. He's been developing power and propulsion systems for more than 40 years; and break-through liquid, slush, and gaseous hydrogen systems since the mid-1980s. Matt was also the Sector Manager for Energy & Materials in his last position at NASA where he worked for 31 years. He's been a co-founder in seven technology startups; and provided R&D and engineering support to many organizations. Matt has three patents and more than 50 publications including the Cryogenic Fluid Management series. He also leads the monthly LH2 Era™ Webinar.