Wednesday, March 8, 2023

LH2 Era™ Monthly Webinar Series Invitation

Hello, my name is Matt Moran. I've been developing, designing, and building liquid hydrogen (LH2) systems since the mid-1980s. My company, Moran Innovation, sponsors the global LH2 Era™ Webinar series.

This monthly webinar addresses the critical need for actionable knowledge on liquid hydrogen as the world transitions away from fossil fuels. Each month we will focus on a different topic for an hour of presentations, guest interviews, and Q&A.

Webinar content will draw from decades of experience with liquid hydrogen, as well as picking the brains of our expert guest speakers. The goal is to provide actionable knowledge for developing robust, high performance, and operationally safe systems.

Let's build a better future together with hydrogen! For more details and to join in the global conversation for free, please visit Thank you.

Matt Moran is the Managing Member at Moran Innovation LLC, and previous Managing Partner at Isotherm Energy. He's been developing power and propulsion systems for more than 40 years; and first-of-a-kind liquid, slush and gaseous hydrogen systems since the mid-1980s. Matt was also the Sector Manager for Energy & Materials in his last position at NASA where he worked for 31 years. He's been a cofounder in seven technology based start-ups; and provided R&D and engineering support to hundreds of organizations. Matt has three patents and more than 50 publications including the Cryogenic Fluid Management report series. He also leads the LH2 Era™ Webinar SeriesMore about Matt can be found on his LinkedIn page.