Friday, March 3, 2023

LH2 Era™ Liquid Hydrogen Weekly News Summary (2023-Mar-03)

Source: Unitrove
World's First Autonomous Liquid Hydrogen Vessel Gets £3.8 Million From The UK Govt
The UK Government has reportedly awarded £3.8 million in funding to a consortium for first-ever autonomous liquid hydrogen vessel.
UK government backs world's first liquid hydrogen autonomous vessel project
And Unitrove, which claims to have developed the world's first liquid hydrogen bunkering facility, will work with the Port of Aberdeen to set up the ...

Liquid hydrogen autonomous vessel project gets DfT backing - Riviera Maritime Media
Unitrove, creator of the first liquid hydrogen bunkering facility, will look to deploy its mobile fuelling technology at the Port of Aberdeen in ...

UK grants funds for liquid hydrogen autonomous vessel project - Ship Technology
The UK has allocated £3.8m to an ACUA Ocean-led consortium in alliance with Unitrove for a liquid hydrogen autonomous vessel.

Ebara Develops Liquid Hydrogen Booster Pump for Power Generation
Japan's Ebara Corporation has developed a liquid hydrogen booster pump for hydrogen power generation. The pump will supply hydrogen.

World's first autonomous liquid hydrogen vessel receives £3.8M from UK government
The UK Government has awarded £3.8M funding to a consortium attempting to create and demonstrate the "world's first" liquid hydrogen autonomous.

GenH2 partners with H2 Genesis on US liquid hydrogen projects
GenH2 has partnered with H2 Genesis to deliver liquid hydrogen across North America.

A hydrogen-powered autonomous ship could help decarbonize maritime transport
The liquid hydrogen autonomous vessel. The autonomous vessel is being developed by London, headquartered in Acua Ocean, which specializes in hydrogen- ...
EBARA develops world's first liquid hydrogen booster pump
Among them, Hakobu has cryogenic liquid hydrogen pump technology and compressor technology. Since 2019, as a project subsidized by the New Energy and ...
Swiss Hypersonic Startup Destinus Appears Destined For Same Path As U.S. Counterparts
Destinus, uses the optimistic tagline “Reaching the Future Faster” to denote its push to develop a liquid hydrogen-powered autonomous near-space ...

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